6 Reasons to visit Sozopol

Созополь, Болгария

We have been several times in Sozopol. This small Bulgarian town is situated on the Black Sea, only 35 km from Burgas. And every time we come here, we get lots of impressions. Here it’s nice just to take a walk at any time of the year, wandering through the narrow streets. I love this town, it seems to me very soulful . I am sure that every guest of Bulgaria should visit this place for several reasons:

Крепостная стена в Созополе, Болгария
Sozopol, Bulgaria

1.Greek heritage. Until the beginning of the 1920s, Sozopol remained a Greek city. It was founded in the 6th century BC. and received the name Apollonia, in honor of the ancient god. Today, excavations continue to be carried out here, and in the archaeological museum you can see many interesting finds. Ancient Greek amphoras, ceramics, fishing tackle, etc. are exhibited there. Still in the city fragments of the medieval fortress wall were preserved, which protected the settlement from enemy raids. Now there are many restaurants in it, where you can dine with a beautiful view of the sea.

2. Interesting architecture. The city consists of an old and a new part. The old part is built up with fishermen houses. They were mostly built of wood in the 18-19 centuries. Unfortunately, older buildings have not survived to this day due to fires. In many houses, the lower part is made of bricks, and a wooden second floor hangs over this base, protruding slightly. Most of them are now residential. Apartments here are very expensive. It is so because the price for the land here is very high. The new part has modern buildings.

На улочках Созополя, Болгария
houses of Sozopol, Bulgaria

3. Resort infrastructure. Sozopol is a popular resort for vacationers from different countries, including Russia, Germany, Britain, etc. There is a large number of restaurants, cafes, souvenir shops. Tourists love the local sandy beaches – wide and clean, with golden sand. The sea is shallow and calm, ideal for children. The beaches are divided into a paid zone and a free one, where you can put your umbrellas. All sorts of beach activities are offered here – banana riding, windsurfing, parasailing, etc.

Созополь, Болгария
beach of Sozopol, Bulgaria

4. Temples. In Sozopol you can see several ancient Orthodox churches built on the ruins of ancient temples. Many of them do not look like usual churches and have a small building height. This feature is explained by the fact that during the Turkish rule, the Bulgarians were forbidden to build religious buildings above mosques and even higher than the growth of a rider on a horse. Therefore, the inner space was created due to the depth underground. When you enter inside, the room does not seem so cramped.

Созополь, Болгария
old church, Sozopol

5. Nature. The nature in the vicinity of Sozopol is very beautiful and sometimes even unique. There are picturesque sand dunes on which sand lilies grow. Often you can see turtles. And not far from the city lies the Ropotamo Nature Reserve, which is very popular among tourists. It got its name from the river flowing in these places and running into the sea. The place is inhabited by rare representatives of flora and fauna. And tourists like to go boating here. Opposite the old part of Sozopol you can see the island of St. Ivan. It is the largest island of the Black Sea coast.

Sozopol, Bulgaria
Sozopol, Bulgaria

6. The atmosphere. The streets of old Sozopol are very cozy and picturesque. That’s why the atmosphere of this place is so pleasant. In the evening, when there is no heat anymore, everyone from the beaches goes to the old town. People walk, dine in restaurants, tasting the local cuisine, and enjoy their vacation. Music plays, tourists choose souvenirs in small shops, speech in different languages is heard everywhere.

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